Do I Qualify For Social Security Disability Benefits

Do I Qualify For Social Security Disability Benefits?

Getting approved for Social Security Disability benefits can be a tricky process. There are specific conditions you must meet and your disability has to fall into specific categories and levels of severity. If you meet the requirements, you will be approved and awarded a monthly disability benefit payment.

One of the general rules of thumb with considering whether or not you should apply for social security disability is “if you can work, then you should.” If your disability is not so severe that you cannot work, you will likely not be approved anyway.

The medical conditions which can qualify you for disability benefits vary. Some of the most common qualifying conditions are chronic pain and mental impairment or disorder. There are, however, quite a number of other qualifying conditions:

  • Digestive Diseases – People with Crohns disease, ulcerative colitis or other gastrointestinal disease may qualify for disability.
  • Physical Deformity – If you have lost a limb or have permanently injured yourself to a degree that limits your ability to work, you may also qualify. Genetic deformities like scoliosis could also qualify you.
  • Effects of Major Health Issues – If you have had a heart attack, stroke or other major illness that has left you with specific disabilities, you may be eligible for disability benefits.
  • Cancer - Some cancers do cause disabilities. You may qualify for temporary or partial disability while you are receiving treatment or may be eligible for permanent disability benefits if the disease is severe.
  • Specific Syndromes – Diseases like fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome may not, by themselves, qualify you for disability benefits. They may entitle you to benefits, however, in combination with other illnesses or disabilities.
  • Neurological Disorders - Disorders like multiple sclerosis, epilepsy and possibly even Parkinsons disease may qualify you based on the severity of your symptoms.

This is not a comprehensive list by any means. If you are unsure if you qualify for social security disability, you can always contact your local Social Security Administration office and inquire. Your doctor may also have information about your chances of qualifying and may, in fact, give you a written recommendation that you can include with your disability benefits application.

SSID Benefits  also follow similar guidelines for children and impairments are divided into two categories: mental and physical. If you think your child may qualify, speak to your doctor and/or the Social Security Administration for more information.